Bob Blaskiewicz, Faux Skeptic Exposed!

I recently posted this as a response (block quoted below) to Bob Blaskiwiecz aka Satan’s little helper at Georgia Tech Institute of Technology. He has refused to post this response and this is not the first time he has deliberately censored anyone who makes too much sense on his blog.  Bob is a defender of the sacred myth of 9/11 and like so many he will only engage in questions as long as his smoke and mirrors routine seems to be working. Once someone pierces the smokey miasma expelled with each compounded lie and brings the conversation around to the cold hard empirical facts, Bob then has a favorite routine he employs, that being to either post endless amounts of pictures of lol cats, have one of his lackeys or perhaps pseudonyms online echo everything he says but with a more sincere exposure of idiocy and intolerance for different ideas, or to outright BAN the user thus silencing dissent like any good commissar is want to do. Bob blinks out his own cognitive dissonance when in person and is nearly unintelligible whilst juggling the immense amount of contradictions he must contain on any given day. Here is my recent reply to a comment stream where I again pointed out that he is nothing more than a mouth piece for maintaining the “Big Lie” as he again sought out to discredit, deride and defame anyone who dare question the government’s conspiracy theory of 9/11.  Bob is an intellectual fraud & coward and though challenged to an honest debate in an academic setting refuses completely to stand behind his words.

Please feel free to email the staff at the Georgia Institute of Technology as to why public funds should be siphoned to support someone who has no interest in scientific debate and actually lowers the collective IQ of Georgia Tech every time he opens his mouth to spew more pseudoscientific babble while posing as a “skeptic”.

You have been challenged time and again Bob. How about a real debate with experts? Your lies have worn thin and your cover is blown. Everyone sees you for the shill you are.  I hope you one day understand first hand the suffering you enable as you rightfully deserve a karmic boomerang for all of your lies and manipulation.  Shame on you.

Here is my response that was again censored on

Hi Bob,
This is Camron Wiltshire
You banned me like you ban anyone who points out the absurdity and depravity of your sophistry. I’ve nothing to hide, thus I have requested you debate your position in an academic setting. The only setting fitting for information of such a crucial nature. If you had not censored me for no other reason than arbitrary rules you make up apparently on the spot, then I would be happy to post under my name as I did until the point you censored me. Anyone willing to do research will realize I was censored for no reason other than I was asking questions that exposed you as a faux skeptic.

Bob all you are is an ad hominem spewing machine. You have no scientific refutation  whatsoever and are thus complicit in condoning a cover up of the greatest crime on American soil in history. A crime that was used to justify two illegal wars of occupation and the desecration of civil liberties here at home. You only have playground tactics and a despicable pattern of sophistry and subterfuge that you endlessly disseminate with apparent glee and lack of conscience for the potential impact on the young minds at Georgia Tech. Scientific ethics is a mandate for employment at Georgia Tech I am assuming and you obviously are entirely delinquent in fulfillment of this sacred oath.

You have been challenged on numerous occasions and you hide behind your blog rather than attempt to honestly defend your opinions.

You also love to generate drama as a means to avoid real discussion of the evidence that demands a new and independent investigation of 9/11.

No one threatened you Bob. Please stop resorting to overworn tactics of Ad hominem and appeal to ridicule as a way to sidestep logical discussion and debate of scientific evidence.

I can’t begin to tell you how creepy you are. Sucking up to Faux skeptics, the poster boy for good german behavior who apparently has no qualms about playing the role of commissar for the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 as presented by the US Government.

3,000 Americans were killed, 6,000 + soldiers and 1 Million plus innocent Iraqi men, women, and children.

How do you sleep at night?

I don’t expect that Bob will ever present himself in a fair and moderated environment as he fears most being exposed outright in front of his peers and students at Georgia Tech. He is an intellectual fraud hiding behind his blog and has been called out on countless occasions and of course has never once answered any of the challenges.

Comments are now Closed.


See for yourself what you can expect if you point out the intellectual bankruptcy and absurdity of the illogical notions of faux skeptics like Bob and his retinue of sychophants.

Anyone from Georgia Tech who stumbles upon this and wants to maintain the integrity of science, shoot us an email at please.






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13 Responses to “Bob Blaskiewicz, Faux Skeptic Exposed!”

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  2. Ed Sanders says:

    Bob Blaskiewicz sure doesn’t like questions! Or people questioning him about the nature of his assertions… “Science? Who needs it when I have Popular Mechanics and the NIST Report!.. The basic laws of physics? That Newton guy wasn’t the sharpest knife in the tool shed… Who needs evidence?!? I can change the subject, before you’ll even notice, every single time!”

    I’m still trying to figure out if Bob Blaskiewicz is getting paid to regurgitate talking points, or if he truly believes the lies and disinformation that comes out of his mouth. Maybe if he wasn’t such a coward he could come out of his shell and actually accept debate challenge. Or how about at least not censoring and blocking any point of view that he might disagree with his own?

    Why would anyone oppose an independent criminal investigation into the events of September 11th? What would they fear that it might reveal?

    Shill? Maybe…
    Misinformed? Most likely…
    Cowardly? Absolutely.

    And I challenge him to prove it otherwise.

  3. waca says:

    We will see if the censorship continues. I recently responded to the miserable fanboys fap party at Bob’s site with this. I doubt this will make it through Ingsocs’ filters.

    Let’s see if Commissar Bob allows this post to get through.
    Bob, I don’t trust you to be fair in discussion or debate whatsoever. The reason being you have repeatedly censored my comments whenever you didn’t like the way the conversation was going. You have done this on at least two occasions. Anyone who is willing to wade through the glut of mind numbing pseudoskepticism and yellow journalism on this site, is more than welcome to check my comments and see that I was not in violation of any “rule” but rather was arbitrarily prevented from answering. The funny thing is that Bob is such a kid about it, he even has the audacity to then say

    “Any last words” and then “You are the weakest link! Goodbye!
    entirely childish, consistent with the coping mechanisms of a tween ager Bob then banned me again for no other reason than in his wacked out mind if you are banned once for no reason than exposing him than you must have committed some sin by posting again under a different name. It’s all fantasy and you have all seen the reality. Bob doesn’t play fair because he cannot.

    He even makes up stories to insinuate that we are somehow potentially violent, observe.

    “I didn’t force anyone to threaten me. In the cab on the way to Tech, I thought that it might be kind of nice to show you guys taking your argument to engineers. But one of you rewrote that ending, didn’t they?”

    I have no idea what Bob is talking about here. He was never threatened in the cab by anyone that I know or work with at WACA. I believe I informed Bob that we would be recording whatever questions he had for Richard as we have already seen that the skeptical inquirer and it’s ilk take no issue in deliberate misrepresentation of evidence and of course ignoring evidence all together and focusing on character assassination, framing, and the various other techniques of obfuscation and dismissal one would expect from the CIA or other psy op tacticians. Operation Mockingbird anyone?? It was admitted before, you really think this doesn’t happen anymore?? That requires a level of political naivety befitting SI’s current audience.

    He then finishes with,

    “Do you have any idea how creepy you’ve become, Camron?”

    So anyone who disagrees with Bob, exposes him and then dares respond when lied about is “creepy” in Bob’s manual.

    This is who you are listening to folks. Just FYI.

    Oh and for the record. Bob care to explain in YOUR OWN WORDS. How Building 7 managed to collapse in a manner totally consistent with controlled demolition? Have you been able to verify NIST’s theories by accessing their methodology as consistent with adherence to the Scientific method? Really? No other scientists, architects, engineers, chemists or demolition experts have been allowed to, so what makes you so sure?? Good luck with that one buddy. Outside of just asking us to take your and NIST’s word for it you have zero case. I doubt you even understand there theory well enough to paraphrase on your own.

    -Camron > for those who can see the writing on the wall <

  4. David Gerard says:

    “He has refused to post this response”

    Well, I found out about this page from his blog, so he’s probably directly supplying you with more than a few page hits.

    Does linking to a response count? Conventionally in the blogosphere, it does. So even if he’s evil incarnate, he’s polite evil.

    • waca says:

      Interestingly enough the response was posted so quickly it seems that Bobby Boy is following our actions here at WACA rather closely. I would prefer he actually produce the response on his site as I have posted his comments and not sought to BAN or Censor someone else who I may disagree with. I unlike Bob am not afraid of being exposed as a big shill liar. For everyone tuning in, your friend Bob is a coward who hides behind his blog but won’t debate the evidence that demands a new investigation for 9/11. He is condoning the suffering and misery of everyone effected by 9/11 by performing the role of apologist for state crimes against humanity. Don’t be fooled by the truffle shuffle of this faux skeptic, he is not your friend and does not care about getting to the bottom of anything except maybe a bucket of chicken from KFC.

  5. waca says:

    Beware Faux Skeptics masquerading as intellectuals. This man is an intellectual Fraud and censors anyone who calls his condoning of mass murder and war mongering out. Please take note and be sure to spread the word. This man is no academic, he is an apologist for state crimes against humanity.

    • RJB says:

      To be clear, I have only ever banned a single person from posting. And my coeditor agreed that it was appropriate.


      • waca says:

        To be clear, this is yet another lie. Daniel Bland was also banned from your site for no reason other than those listed above. Nice try Bob.

        “The tax-payers of the State of Georgia are paying this treanous man’s salary at Georgia Tech where he is paid to teach the “official” 9/– conspiracy THEORY, aka The Pancake THEORY!!! He stopped publishing my comments after the first two or three! May God have mercy on Dr. Bob Blaskiecwicz! Father forgive him for surely he knows not what he does!!! 9/– TRUTH NOW!!!” – Via Daniel Bland’s facebook. So an Iraq veteran who almost died because of the lies of 9/11 is also banned from exercising freedom of speech on your blog.

        • RJB says:

          No, Daniel posted something with so many links in it, the filter automatically thought it was spam. When I found them, I approved the posts. You are the only person I’ve ever had to ban.

          • waca says:

            You didn’t have to ban anyone Bob. You chose to rather than answer questions. I am not taking a liar at face value so It’s not yet determined whether or not your “co editor, or a spam filter” did the banning or delay on Daniel’s response. Either way it fits the pattern of one who has no interest in a fair and reasoned debate. Since you have shown no respect you get no respect.

        • Katrina BlackOps says:

          Bob, You Banned a few other people.Please don’t play coy. You’re a skeptic! Well You’re supposed to be.

          You can’t even defend a point. I recall a conversation where we asked you,” what evidence do you have, that Al Queda is responsible for 9/11? What is your BEST evidence to support your point of view?” You proceed to say ” How about they admitted to it” — then we proceed to tell you , that the young man who made that confession was subject to 30 days of torture. Torture that you yourself could not even take a small amount of. That you were Quote ” a complete pu$$y” and that you agreed that torture is not a valid or ethical means to extract a confession, and that you yourself would say just about anything to get it to stop. So how then, with your only bit of evidence you could come up with, are we and over 1500 architects engineers,military officers, pilots, police, firefighters and professionals ridiculous for questioning the official story. You don’t even know all the evidence and you’ve said ” I’ve got all your evidence and more”. Any person who can see what we’ve seen and know what we know has to be obtaining a contrary view. You are not a man of science, or reason. We actually do you a service even paying you this much attention. But being as how you corrupt the minds of future scientist with your rhetoric , we only seem obliged to expose you as the fraud you are. You’ll be one of the people in the books who go down in history for being a good Nazi Enjoy your CheezBurger.

  6. waca says:

    I can haz no opinion other than what gobernment sez. Says Faux Skeptic Bob Blaskiwicz a.k.a Cheezeburger cat . A particularly nommy cat, who is pretty good at contradicting himself. It was interesting hearing him speak. I immediately took an aspirin after the conversation.

    • RJB says:

      Don’t worry. Thinking doesn’t hurt once you practice it a little.

      • waca says:

        If by “thinking”, you are advertising your particular brand of compartmentalized, cognitive dissonance whereby one must be able to internalize and accept dozens of contradictions to logic, then yes I imagine you have numbed yourself well to all of the internal alarms that you have muzzled on a continuous diet of lies, misrepresentation and sophistry. You wouldn’t know truth if it water boarded you into submission Bob. War is Peace. Ignorance Strength and Bob you are surely a “Skeptical” Inquirer. Skeptical of everyone but the government.

        Still waiting for that debate? You’re a big talker and that is about it. Truely you are a “Total pussy” as you admitted on video in person it seems. What’s the matter Bob? Not so sure your lies will hold up in front of a fair hearing of the evidence?

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