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The Ballad of Number 7

Dedicated to Veritas. Aletheia.

The back story to this song…

For those familiar with 9/11 truth, you know the song refers to building seven and it being evidence that 9/11 was not the act of outsiders.

We know that humanity is at the crossroads.  One path desires to maintain the struggle toward representative government of citizens who maintain their sovereignty and inherent rights.  The other path is that of an all powerful corporate-state that reduces the citizen to the status of a subject in a neo feudalistic, Orwellian global security state.  One can differ in opinion as to how intentioned this direction toward tyranny is accelerating, but certainly the well crafted inside job of 9/11 has done more than any other event to assist in the revoking of the constitutional protections against tyranny.  Building seven will forever remind civilization that a healthy balance between the state and the people requires eternal vigilance.  The consequences of not doing so invoke a vision of the bleak future for all but a very small elite.  Technology is allowing the ossification of this security state and time is running out.

Most truthers also know that one of the keys to understanding this struggle for balance is the monetary systems of the past centuries, particularly central banking and the cartel of international bankers as described by Carroll Quiqley in his book Tragedy and Hope.  Though the subject is fraught with both pedantic and simplistic analysis, we can at least admit that the original role of capital in assisting in the creation of human endeavor has through the centuries evolved into a predatory, casino mentality.  There is good money for those without moral compunction in a powerful state that requires eternal war for eternal peace.  We see this today in spades, thanks to the bogus ‘War on Terror’.

But hope springs eternal.  The sooner we can stop this train, the better.  Building seven means a lot toward that end.  When our grandchildren ask about this time, we can hopefully say that spreading awareness of building seven made the difference.

It is difficult to imagine how it can be that not one major institution of society has come to the fore in this struggle against evil.  Though anyone can see the absurdity of the official 9/11 story, not one academic or religious or media or social institution has made any significant challenge to it.  Realization of this betrayal is difficult to comprehend, let alone accept, but as society decays before our eyes, it is indicative of the difficult path humanity must tread in its quest for the stars….the expediencies of survival never trump the imperative of truth and justice.  (As Franklin said, security for freedom means neither)  In other words, some things can’t be bought.  The institutions and corporations don’t know this, but deep inside, the people do.


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One Response to “The Ballad of Number 7”

  1. waca says:

    Great Song Jeremy! Thank you for keeping the spirit of Liberty shining!

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